About Us

The word Mokshaa means freedom, liberation from within oneself and self realization. Mokshaa Yoga is a formation of yoga teachers, founded by Mr. Satheesh & Mrs. Maheshwari Satheesh (Sivananda Yoga Acharyas) who have been teaching yoga to numerous clients in the city for over a decade.

We at Mokshaa Yoga, help people overcome their fears, thought process, end of sorrow, understanding of self and self realization through our yoga and meditation. Our team travels to different places in the world and giving their valuable services in order to make people healthy and peaceful which is the main motto of it.

“Beyond caste, creed, family or lineage, That which is without name and form, beyond merit and demerit, That which is beyond space, time and sense-objects, You are that, God himself; Meditate this within yourself. “